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NDA exams is one the prestigious and renowned examination in India. Each year ample amount of students tries their best to clear the examinations to join the National Defence Academy by taking NDA Coaching in Chandigarh. Here is a list of tips for how to prepare for NDA exams in last 10 days:

1) Planning:

Nothing is achievable without a proper planning so plan before you do, organizing your syllabus is the best way to prepare for NDA exams as the time for your final examination is just a few weeks away, try to do difficult topics first and then go for the easy one. Prepare a timetable which consist of balance of study and rest so that you won’t feel stressed and be able to give your full potential. Buy books for mathematics especially NCERT and start reading current affairs to increase your knowledge.

2) Revision:

Practise makes the man perfect and it work always. You may not understand it clearly until you practised it ample amount of times so in order to prepare the syllabus thoroughly, always practice as much as you can because if you understood it well then you can perform it well.

3) Smart work:

If you mix smart work with hard work then it becomes a deadly combination and saves your time. Always try to be attentive while you study so that you don’t miss any important thing which may seriously hurt you in your NDA exams. If you find difficulty in something then ask for help either from your friends or teachers.

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4) Mood while studying:

Always keeping yourself situated with books is a not a great idea. Some prefer studying in morning or some in evening as it depends on person to person. Always study with a fresh mind and don’t study while feeling sleepy as you won’t understand anything with an unconscious mind.

5) Technique:

Practicing previous test papers is the best technique to prepare for NDA Exams 2017 Preparation. Firstly, you will understand the pattern of exam you have to solve and try to solve it in least time to improve your speed. Sometimes few questions get repeat in each paper so there is a great probability that they will repeat once again. Moreover, try to learn different vocabulary words and keep an eye on current affairs which will help you in General Ability Test.

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