Best Verka Clerk COACHING IN CHANDIGARH: The Punjab State Cooperative Milk Producers’ Federation Limited (MILKFED) appear into life in the year 1973 to upgrade dairy farming in the state of Punjab. The dominant aim was to present a lucrative milk market to the state milk inventor by value inclusion and marketing of production. Another of its objective was to implement technical inputs for the improvement of milk manufacture. 

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withal the federation was certified absolutely previous. It arrives in its actual form in the year 1983 when the milk plants of the ancient Punjab Dairy Development Corporation particular were assumed to the Cooperative Sector beneath Operation Flood. The move was drifting out in the state to arrange the prominent deal to the farmers and greater creativity to the customers.

MILKFED is set-up as a three-tier organization with Federation as the apex body at the State Level. Milk Unions at the District Level and Cooperative Societies at the village equivalent. The organization has regularly progressive headed for its grave objectives well determine in its bylaws.

More About Verka:

Verka is considered as one of most famous and successfully running milk dairy in Chandigarh. It most loved by the Chandigarh people because of its good quality and healthy milk. Verka is considered as one and only best milk producer in Chandigarh. Verka is considered as a most trusted brand. Verka has developed into a household name and is cherished by its consumers for nutrition, affection and sheer indulgence. It has consolidated its brand strength by not only retaining the high quality of actual products but also by revolutionary and gather new commodity to the tables of its disparate customers.

Verka has a large range of creation along with distinct variation of Pasteurized Packed milk, Skimmed Milk Powder, Ghee, Table Butter,Whole Milk Powder, Cheese, Sweetened Flavoured Milk, Ice Cream, Indigenous sweets, fresh Products like Lassi, Paneer, Dahi, Kheer and Tetra Pack Products such as fruit beverages & milk. The products are available in Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir and Northeast India. Verka also exports ghee to countries like the Middle East, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia.

Verka determination exclusively, with its commitment of pureness! In the milk measurement done by NABL (National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories) certified laboratory, Verka Gold has topped the full cream milk division with a score of 88 out of 100. The brand certified the superlative milk fat at 6.69%, a lower saturated fat of 3.52%, and lower cholesterol content of 8.67mg/100g. Verka milk is also loaded with Calcium and Vitamin A.

There are some reasons why Verka products are most liked by the people of Chandigarh one of the most popular products of Verka is milk powder and there are some important benefits of it.

  1. Milk powder benefits on skin:

    For flawless and clear skin, Milk powder is an amazing ingredient to create homemade natural beauty products such as face masks and face scrubs.

    DIY Face Scrub:
    Walnut is a great skin exfoliate you cannot ask for more. But when you add milk powder to a walnut mixture or scrub it becomes even more effective on your skin. Keep this mask on your face for thirty minutes, then gently scrub it away. As a result, you have fairer and healthier skin.

    DIY Face Pack:
    Honey is a natural skin cleanser and when mixed with milk powder, it turns out to be even more useful and amazing for your skin. You can also add saffron and a pinch of turmeric to this DIY face mask. It will hydrate your skin as well as make your skin glow.

  2. Good for Health:

    For all the fitness freaks out there, pay attention to these amazing milk powder health benefits. Not only does it make your bones strong but also contains a fair amount of protein, is low in fat and is packed with nutrients!

According to recent studies, every individual has different requirements of protein. So, you never know how much protein you need unless you calculate it! Studies have shown that a glass of skimmed milk provides 14 % protein which is the bare minimum.

Low in Fat

People who take special care of their weight and try to cut down on the fat, this one is for you! For all those, who are trying to lose weight, skimmed milk powder is a perfect option; no fat and you get calcium too!

With good health products Verka is also providing you good jobs, as clerk jobs are available in Verka, It was considered as the most satisfying job for the youngsters with good atmosphere and well satisfying salary so get ready for the exam with a good guidance and make sure to crack the exam and make your own opportunity to get a great job. Secure a fortunate to be a part of the dominant milk brand of Punjab and work with the best perception in the management! Verka is seriously faithful to honesty and responsibility. Verka motivates our worker to fulfil their prime & guide them in the whole step of the path.

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Before you are preparing for the entrance exam of Verka clerk please check the eligibility criteria as it was the most important step to apply for the Verka clerk entrance exam:

Eligibility Details For Verka Clerk:

  • Clerk-cum-Typists– In order to get eligible for this post, applicants must have done graduation in commerce filed from any reputed university or institution.
  • Laboratory – To apply for Punjab Verka Milkfed Assistant/ Laboratory Technician, candidate must have done B.Sc. with Chemistry.
  • Junior Mechanic– for this profile, candidates must have done ITI Certificate in Electrician Trade/ ITI Certificate in Fitter/ Welder/ Mechanist Trade /ITI Certificate in Instrumentation Trade.

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